Friday, February 10, 2012

More on New Beginnings!

"It is pleasant to see dreams come true, but fools refuse to turn from evil to attain them." (Pro. 13:19 NLT)
It has been several days since I have last posted on my blog. I want to thank all the people that have visited my blog. This is all so very new to me.

As I look all around me I see so many different things and notice the process of a new beginning. I have dreams that I want to make a reality and I believe that these dreams were put on my heart from God.

One big problem I have is that I just want those dreams to happen now. I am learning that new beginnings take time and have a process. Just like my picture above that has new flowers and leaves, they will take time to fully develop. I need to realize that my dreams and new future will also take time to develop. I need to start with step "A" and go thru the alphabet one by one. There are new things to learn, there are priorities to set and doubt and fear to overcome. I feel like a child just learning to walk.

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