Friday, March 2, 2012

So many things going thru my head about what to write about. I am so excited about life again after joining the focus group yesterday. It is so easy to get discouraged.

I have a tendency to want things to happen "now". After losing my job almost 2 months ago I deceided that the perfect way for me to have a life that would work for me is to make money online. But it did not happen over night and as a matter of fact, it still hasn't happened. However, I am confident that it will happen. I know it is possible and slowly but surely I am moving forward.

I see so many other Blogs and think "I want a Blog like that", and one day I will have one. I need to remember everything takes time and patience. I am blessed to have a God in my life that loves me and puts people in my life to help me along the way.

In the next several days I will be writing about different things. I love to scrapbook and have plenty of it to do. I want to travel with my dog Makenna in the future whether it's on small day trips or eventually I want to hook up a small camper to my car and drive and just have fun doing the camping thing. For now I think I will live my life "one day at a time", learning along the way and making new friends.

Until tomorrow, God Bless you all, and thank you for stopping by.

Just like my strawberry plant is growing and thriving, so will I.

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  1. Awesome in the getting restarted. It always is hard to get restarted when has come to a stop. Glad you got some of your internal fire back